Membership enables you to meet growers, learn about truffles and continue your truffle journey with others who love truffles and EM fungi

NZ Truffle Association membership application form

Becoming a member of the NZ Truffle Association provides access to the following:

  • Meeting and learning about truffles from other growers and truffle experts through the regional growers’ groups
  • Receiving invitations to workshops, regional meetings and other training and information opportunities as they arise.
  • Enjoying reduced member rates for the annual conference, workshops and seminars
  • Receiving annual updates on the Australian truffle industry.
  • Receiving regular newsletters and information about latest truffle and mushroom research
  • Gaining access to the information resources in the NZ Truffle Association website members’ area
  • Contributing towards the development and influence the direction of the NZ truffle and ecto mycorrhizal fungi growing industry.

Full membership is available to New Zealand residents who are actively engaged in the business of truffle and /or ecto-mycorrhizal fungi growing (growers, distributors, exporters, nursery providers, researchers).

Associate membership is available to overseas persons and all others interested in the development of the industry in New Zealand.

Our membership fees are

Full Member:  $258. 75 inc gst 

Associate Member: $201.25 inc gst

The membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March

Full details of membership profile are available on the membership application form.

Download the NZTA membership application form