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10 September 2022WaikatoLaurie & Toffmylchreestfamily@xtra.co.nzFace to face with a trip around the truffiere, shared lunch and chats about everything truffles.

The Association, through its Regional Coordinators, arrange events throughout New Zealand – everyone is welcome to attend.  The purpose is of these events is to enable the sharing of thoughts, views and experiences with other growers and those with a passion for truffles.

Maureen Binns is the Regional Groups Coordinator for North Island and Lisa Williams the Coordinator for South Island.  Both can be contacted via email on  regions@nztruffles.org.nz.

In addition, the Association holds workshops to support a common understanding of key topics central to the future truffle industry, such as truffle quality.  For information on workshops, contact admin@nztruffles.org.nz.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we have no regional events or workshops planned for the remainder of 2020.