Conference 2016

2016 Conference – Christchurch July 30 and 31st

The NZTA’s 2016 conference was in Christchurch with the usual varied and interesting speakers. The Theme was ‘Creating demand for your truffle‘. The schedule from the event are below;

Conference 2016 Program Schedule

The Conference schedule followed with Introduction & Welcome from the Executive. Next was the AGM.

Financial Report & NZTA Draft Financial Report for 2016

Executive Report for 2016

Minutes from the AGM 2016

Guest speakers

Nigel Woods Presentation ‘Marketing & Truffles’ included his experiences from Australia, where they are creating a stir.

Dr. Peter Stahle Presentation ‘Australian 2016 Season’ gave us an insight to Australia’s Organisation and the use of their wiki pages.

Becky Algie’ Presentation included Jim Moir from Lincoln University. This was a study into the Acidity of Soil and the impact of Liming on the pH.

Reference was made to the Truffle Export Marketing Strategy for 2017

In the evening we all went to separate restaurants around town.

Field Trip on Sunday

On Sunday we visited Southern Woods Nursery and See the magic happen!. Dr. Alexis Guerin-Laguette and colleagues showed us ‘truffle seedling production’ and ‘mycorrhization’.

Next we were entertained to Dog Almighty! where Truffle dog handlers Jax Lee, Karen Drummond and Susan Morton showed us their truffle dog skills with 9 month old pups Snoop and Moose.