Interested in truffles?

Where to get help if you are thinking about growing truffles

Whether you’re considering growing truffles, or just want to learn more about the world of truffles, the New Zealand Truffle Association can help in a number of ways:

  • meet current truffle growers
  • attend our regional meetings
  • come to our annual conference
  • suggest books about truffles
  • read truffle blogs
  • talk to truffle-inoculated tree suppliers
  • visit truffières in NZ and overseas
  • get help from a truffle consultant.

Joining the NZTA is a great way to meet truffle experts and growers.  We are always happy to talk about truffles!

Great books to learn more about truffles include:

Taming the Truffle – The History, Lore and Science of the Ultimate Mushroom; Dr Ian R. Hall, Gordon T. Brown, Alessandra Zambonelli (Available from

Truffle Farming Today – a Comprehensive World Guide; Marcos Morcillo, Monica Sanchez and Xavier Vilanova; ISBN 978-84-617-1307-3

The Truffle Book; Gareth Renowden (Available from Limestone Hills Ltd)

Truffle consultants include:

Truffles and Mushrooms (Consulting) LtdTruffles and mushlogo

Independent advice on the establishment and management of truffle and other mycorrhizal mushroom plantations, soil testing and modification, and climatic requirements. Remedial advice for non-productive truffières. The Director is Dr Ian Hall who masterminded the establishment of the industry in the Southern Hemisphere in the 1980s and chief author of Taming the Truffle.

Email:, +64-27-2261844, +64-3-454 3574

Other Australian truffle consultants also provide services in New Zealand.