In 2002, after engaging with the truffle industry, truffles were brought under the Horticultural Export Authority Act 1987 (the HEA Act).

Truffles were declared to be a prescribed product under the HEA Act.  The effect of this is that exports of truffles are subject to export licensing.  Exporters must be members of the NZ Truffle Association to obtain and retain an export licence.

Export licences must be obtained from the Horticultural Export Authority (HEA).  The HEA website provides all the relevant information and forms required to obtain an export licence, or to apply for an exemption.

Southern Truffles New Zealand Limited (STNZL), as the product group for truffles, sets the quality standards for exported truffles and collecting any levies required by these standards.  The standards are published in the Export Marketing Strategy.  Presently, there are no levies on truffle exporters.

STNZL is wholly owned by the NZ Truffle Association.  When required, Directors of STNZL are appointed by the STNZL Annual General Meeting (AGM), held each year concurrent with the NZ Truffle Association AGM.

There are a number of other regulatory requirements for exporters, including compliance with all New Zealand food safety regulations, as well as any other requirements set by importing countries.