Dog handlers & truffle dogs

Once your trees start producing truffles, you will need your own trained hound to find them or you can use the professional truffle dogs.  Truffle dog handlers and their dogs can visit your truffle orchard for find the hidden delicacies!

Professional dog handlers include:

  • Karen Drummond started Truffle Dog Services in 2011 searching in the Rotorua/Te Puke area and has enjoyed every season since. Since 2016, Truffle Dog Services have found first truffles for a minimum of five clients each year, both T. melanosporum and T. borchii.  Truffle Dog Services provides truffle detection services for truffiere’s around the North Island searching and locating T. melanosporum and T. borchii, and in the 2020 season will include searches throughout in the South Island.   Feel free to visit our website about our services and schedule, or contact us on 021 655 054 or
  •  Prue and her dogs Sirius, Peri and Caph have returned to NZ after five very successful truffle hunting seasons in the Southern Highlands and Tablelands of NSW in Australia.Prue contracted to various growers to find and harvest truffle and found hundreds of kilograms each season.  The dogs were always in demand with most growers booking their hunts a year in advance.
    Our dogs are experienced, accurate and methodical.  If you have truffles, our dogs will find them!
    Prue is available to train truffle dogs.  Call for more information.
    Call Prue Church on 027 777 8220 to discuss your 2020 season hunts.
  • Tania Billingsley – located in the lovely Rai Valley (Marlbourgh) Tania and Kelvin Billingsley have purchased Ozzy from ex NZTruffle Dogs fame, she has worked round the country successfully finding truffle on previously non producing truffieres. We are working with Andy Billingsley to continue to breed and train truffle dogs for sale within NZ. Contact Tania on or on 021 481115.

* Providers of Truffle Detection dogs may not necessarily carry the endorsement of the NZTA. NZTA advises that users request references etc. and conduct their own research.