NOTE: The NZ Truffle Association is not responsible for advertisers products. We recommend that suppliers are researched (ask for references) before committing to any purchase

The NZ Truffle Association strongly recommends that truffle inoculated seedlings are independently tested to verify the level of mycorrhization on the roots prior to purchase

Southern Woods Plant Nursery

We produce truffle inoculated oaks & pines – shipping nationwide.

We have trees inoculated with Tuber borchii, melanosporum and aestivum (Bianchetto, Black and Burgundy truffles).


Kings Truffles

Kings Truffles offer a complete and integrated package of services; consultancy services in establishing and managing your own truffiere; truffle-infected seedlings for sale.

Based near Christchurch, but providing services nationwide, we invite you to step out on an exciting and rewarding journey by becoming involved with an industry that has a great future potential.

Chesterhope Truffles Limited

For seedlings that are robust, clean, and have a high percentage of their root tips colonised with the desired mycorrhiza.

We are proud of our standards

Independent quality testing is encouraged.

Contact Alex to discuss seedling specification and your requirements

Truffiere Croix du Sud/Ohiwa Black Diamonds

Inoculating Tuber melanosporum

  • Deciduous oaks (Quercus robur)
  • Hazel trees (Corylus avellana)

We produce our trees under a strict quality assurance regime, and confirm healthy colonisation of every tree before sale.  Independent DNA testing of the inoculum and seedlings to ensure spore species, carried out by an external laboratory as part of our quality assurance regime

Trees are 12 months of age prior to sale

Other services include:
  • Truffiere development
  • Consultations/advice