Cooking with and storing fresh truffles

Fresh truffles are best eaten within 7 to 10 days after harvest, and proper storage is important

How to store fresh truffles

Fresh truffles should be stored in tightly sealed containers in the warmest part of the fridge. Truffles give off their aroma continuously, and lose moisture, so line the container with a paper towel, and change it whenever it feels damp — every day or two. Properly looked after, a fresh harvested truffle will keep for up to two weeks — but will be at its best in the first week.

Truffles should always be stored with fresh eggs and butter, because the most important truffle flavour compounds are fat-soluble. After a few days of bathing in the truffle aroma,  the eggs and butter will become infused with truffle flavour. You can then make truffled eggs without using any truffle! Truffled eggs can be used for making scrambled eggs, omelettes, sauces, even ice cream, and truffle butter can be used as is (excellent with some crusty sourdough bread as a starter), or frozen for use out of season.

Cooking with fresh truffles

Truffles should be the star of any dish you cook. Because of their affinity with fats, they work well with eggs, butter, cream and soft cheeses, and they are also a natural umami flavour enhancer. Eggs, chicken, pasta, potatoes, and celeriac all work well as vehicles for the rich flavours and aromas of fresh truffles.

Treat truffles with respect. Don’t overcook or overheat them, or all their wonderful aromas will disappear up the extractor fan. Use them to finish dishes, by stirring into pasta or risotto just before serving, or by shaving on top of the finished dish.

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